Homily from Fr. David Morrison on Fr. Anthony’s Life

The Homily from Fr. David Morrison at the Funeral Liturgy for Fr. Anthony Karbo:

Your Eminence, dear clergy brothers, 

Matushka and the dear Karbo family,

and all of you   beloved ones of God, 

Christ is in our midst!

Fr Anthony would say,

I guess we should have built a bigger church.

“I tried to tell them!” ☺ 

Then he’d look around   and say—

Actually, why aren’t you out, building St Johns, the new church, across town?

I mean, it’s Saturday—you COULD be!  There’s aLOT to do!

And… have you broken ground…

for the NEXT St John’s, the next Holy Theophany, yet?

Am I wrong?

And then he’d smile, and say—thank you, thank you for being here.  

How can I express to you     how much I love you, 

how much you mean to me?

And he’d look at us with those eyes.      YOU know those eyes.

Decades ago—when I first met him, and ON through the years…

they weren’t just seeing me, they were SEEING me. 

Anybody know what I’m talking about?

Yes, I’ve known Fr Anthony for decades.

When he wasn’t praying for me,

shaking his head and calling me “Davey”

expounding profound eVANgelistic plans—STILL    utterly Orthodox, by the way,

when he wasn’t doing all that, 

he was texting me Justin Bieber pictures—motion pictures.  

Because we both like the Biebs.  

O, Father Anthony…we miss you.  We miss you.  

The Church sings

“Blessed is the way in which you shall walk today, O soul, 

for a place of rest is prepared for you.”

To which we say— dear Fr Anthony, 

we are glad    that it is so    —for you! 

A place of rest   is prepared for you.

Don’t we all, somehow know it, and BELIEVE it,    because of him?  

“Brethren, I would not have you be ignorant, 

concerning those who have fallen asleep, 

lest you sorrow as others who have no hope.”

Fr Anthony would not be abiding  any hopelessness right now.

No siree!

umm umm!  Not gonna have it.  Hopelessness.  

Hey Fr David—yes, Fr Anthony?

Make this about Christ. 

Make this about Christ.  

Because it’s all    CHRIST.

Whether we live, whether we DIE—because you know that’s a Pascha, right? 

A Pass-over—

“He Who hears My words—Jesus said, “and believes—passes over—from death to life.”

Anybody ever heard    Fr Anthony talk about Jesus?

Oooh    that man,     could talk about Jesus!

What will we do—without him, talking about Jesus?

How about we keep running to the One he was talking about? 

How about we LOVE Him.

How about we give it all up  for Jesus.

Then Father Anthony will be like—YES.  

Father has spoken some WORDS to me—anybody know what I’m talkin’ about?

SO MUCH  honey—   but sometimes it felt like the STING   of a bee.   

But I needed it, and it was honey.  

Everybody, shout out loud, one of those things   that Father Anthony nailed you with.

Now, shout out if you received it—what he told you, or if you rejected it.

Don’t do that either,  but…it’s not too late.

He never claimed full wisdom but…God gave him insights, didn’t He?

My wife, Mka Patti, and me– one of our favorites from him—

You may be right about that—situation, people, drama—

You may be right about that, but…you’re in hell…

you’re in hell    with how you’re dealing with it—

God would have you out of hell.

Something like that.  HOOOOOH.  Father Anthony!

Stings like a bee—but it’s honey.

Thank you, Father.

God would have you out of hell.

And isn’t THAT, just what Fr Anthony is saying to us now?!

My beloved ones, it’s all real and true!  LIFE—in Christ!

 I know it more now than I knew it before!

What are you doing?  Christ is everything!  

Run—   run home to the merciful One, and just keep running—

and along the way—LOVE! 

Stop being a jerk, and LOVE!  

Extend your hand—run, yourSELF, 

but slow down and kneel for your brothers and sisters around you.

Don’t judge them, or fix them—LOVE them.  

Because—Christ is in our midst!   

Fr Anthony knows it

—and with those eyes of his–   

that see PAST the evident   into the DEEP of you and me

—he’s looking   for US     to know it. 

Christ is risen!

O Hades, where is thy victory?  

Christ is risen, and thou art cast down.

Christ is risen, and the demons have fallen.  

Christ is risen, and the Angels rejoice.

Christ is risen, and LIFE lives.