Support the Diocese

Your financial support is vital to the strength of our common life and ministry as a Diocese. Thank you for your prayers and support!

If you have any questions about donations or the financial support of the ministries in the Diocese of the West, please contact our Diocesan Treasurer. All donations are tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt for your gift.

Ministries Supported by the Diocese

Seminarians’ Assistance
Helping seminarians and their families in moments of need.

Gobezi Goshu Home
Helping the destitute elderly of Adwa, Ethiopia, so they can live out the remainder of their humble lives in dignity and comfort.

Raphael House, Portland
Offering a home, training and transition assistance to families in need in the Greater Portland, Oregon area.

Youth Camps & Retreats
Encouraging Diocesan Youth to pray, play and learn together.


You can send in a secure online donation using PayPal with your credit card, debit card, bank account, or PayPal account:

Donations can also be sent by mail to:

Diocese of the West
1520 Green St
San Francisco, CA 94123

Please make your check payable to: “The Diocese of the West”

Stewards of the West 2019

The Diocese of the West has established a “Stewards of the West” program to highlight the above and beyond donation efforts throughout the diocese. For the period from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019, 171 donations and pledges were received. The dollar amount pledged and received in 2019 was $ 42,758.00. This may be compared to 191 donations totaling $39,727.00 for the same period in 2018. The following below gives a description of the donor categories. 

Categories of Membership

Sustaining Member

$100 per year

Standard Bearer

$500 per year

Torch Bearer

$1,000 per year

Lifetime Beacon

$10,000 one-time gift, or $25,000 bequest by will, or charitable trust

All single donations in excess of $250 have been acknowledged, as required by the IRS. All donors have been sent acknowledgement/thank you letters. The following is a listing of all those who contributed to the support of the outreach efforts of the Diocese of the West in 2020.


Theodora Blom
Treasurer – Diocese of the West 


Lifetime Beacon Members

Gretchen McPherson
Holli Traucht
Sarah Oftedal
William H. Searles Trust
Dimitri Solodow (Memory Eternal)

Torch Bearer

Chris & Mary Waian
Dorothy Nowik
Judy Sherley
Lewis & Janet Baer
Michael Temerin & Galina Pomotalkina
Robert & Olga Huges
Dn. Scott & Kateryna Adams
St. Barbara Monastery
Dn. Stephen Hille

Standard Bearer

Pdn. Brendan Doss
Fred & Karen Akins
Gai & Tamara Krupenkin
Gerald Daily
Lee & Kathy Pieracci
Our Lady of Kazan Skete
Sandra Newmaster
Sdn. Tikhon & Katy Everly

Sustaining Member

Dn. Aleksandr & Olga Ivkin
Alexander & Anna Richter
Alexander & Joohee Muromcew
Alexander Popoff
Alexis & Margharita Moiseyev
Ann Chach
Anthony & Claudia Dubovik
Asta Aristov
Barbara & Craig Owens
Bob & Diane Rogots
Bishop DANIEL (Brum)
Nilus & Catherine Veenis
Christopher Clemens
Craig Sayre
David & Jeanne Harmer
Dn. George & Carole Shumaik
Dn. George & Gabriela Berni
Erik & Diane Worth
Eugene Noskoff
Frank Kidner
Frank Morelli
George Artemoff
George Voronin
Gregory & Sally Tylawsky
Helen & Edward Zadorozny
Helen Pogrebniak
Holy Assumption Monastery
Ian & Karen Hughes
Irina Walker
Ivan Roubal
Jason & Felicia Dunham
Joel & Elizabeth Wallace
Joel & Shannon Wolfberg
John & Camilla Dirks
John & Carol Yavornitzky
Joseph & Betty Eurich
Judith Millikan
Julia Azrael
Kaleria Hayashi
Kathi Merculief
Kenneth & Kathryn Telles
Kenneth Richards
Kevin & Sinead Duffy
Lawrence & Melinda Smith
Lydia & Allan Sidio
Maria Stanciulescu
Marlene Scovel
Mary & Paul Kopcha
Mary Caetta
Maxim Klepikov
Michael & Natalie Tar
Monastery of St. John of Shanghai & San
Monk Barnabas
Nicholas Pollack
Nicholas Stichick
Niels Follestad
Par & Boguslava Botes
Patricia Green
Paul & Manya Prybyla
Petar & Eugenia Griovski
Protection of the Holy Virgin Monastery
Ralph & Ann Brown
Rev. James & Kathleen McKee
Richard & Marilyn Jaeger
Richard James Mahlke
Sdn. Brett & Alison Gainer
Sdn. Paul & Lisa Pilipenko
Scott Anderson
Scott Sinnott & Irina De Fischer Charitable
Sdn. Johann & Helen Morse
Sdn. Paul & Leslie Farley
Sisterhood of the HVM
St. Anthony the Great
St. Christina of Tyre Orthodox Church
St. Elizabeth Sisterhood
St. Herman Orthodox Church (Littleton)
St. Herman Orthodox Church (Oxnard)
St. John’s Auxiliary
St. Michael Orthodox Church (Pueblo)
St. Nicholas Orthodox Church (San Diego)
Stephen Schumacher
Steven Prescop & Lisa Sousae
Susan & Paul Reynolds
Svetlana Thomson
Thomas & Janice Kvamme
Victor Domnikov
VRev. Alexander & Rozalia Shkalov
VRev. Ian & Nina MacKinnon
VRev. John & Clara Mancantelli
VRev. John & Katherine Pierce
VRev. John & Katherine Vitko
VRev. John Anderson
VRev. Joseph & Veronica Velez
VRev. Kevin & Elizabeth Lien
VRev. Kirill & Sophia Sokolov
VRev. Nicholas & Barbara Letten
VRev. Timothy Wilkinson
Walter & Tania Booriakin
Walter Kohnert
William & Linda Phillips
Youssef Matta & Christine Moussa
Yvonne & Christopher Cronin


Algerd & Nadia Geralt
Andrei & Margarita Piatnitski
Anna Gabis
Anne Desmond
Boris & Violeta Gorsevski
Brooks Lampe
Christine Knodt
David Giordano
Dell & Patricia Aman
Dn. Cuthbert & Martine Downs
Donald & Bonnie Judy
Elizabeth O’Brien
Eric & Cynthia Malain
Harold & Alana Eurich
Helen Kogianes
John & Claudia Curtis
Joseph & Carol Lepich
Judith Bodenhausen
Ken & Karen Barton
Kimberly King
Kon & Birdie Worth
Lee & Janet Frazier
Linda Martin
Loretta Lawrence
Mary & Theodore Lehberger
Mary Lu Kost
Nancy Van Dyken
Natasha & Sophie Zonitch
Pamela & Ted Cohen
Pamela Campbell
Rafael & Larissa Sanchez
Ray Tesch
Richard & Tetyana Weinberg
Robert & Constance Harrison
Rod Berg
St. Katherine Orthodox Church (Kirkland)
Tamara Uliantzeff
The Church of the Annunciation
Trinity Financial Group
Vadim Vahrameev & Irina Atnaeva
Val Balazki
Valeriy Okulov
Vasiliy Okulov