DOW Forms

Youth Worker Screening Certification/PSP Survey

Youth Worker Screening Certification/Annual PSP Survey: Each year, every parish must certify that they have screened all parish Youth Workers for the upcoming school year and have adopted and are enforcing the OCA PSPs (Policies, Standards, and Procedures). The results of those checks are securely kept at the respective parish (NOT sent to the diocese). This form, signed by the rector, certifies to Archbishop Benjamin that all people working with our youth have been screened, their records are securely maintained and that new workers (after the time of signing) will be subject to the same process.

Youth Worker Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

NEW Training Instructions: Abuse prevention education should be ongoing in every parish and is required of all clergy, Parish Council members, instructors, youth workers, choir directors, readers, and subdeacons. The Office for Review of Sexual Misconduct Allegations (ORSMA) in Syosset is currently providing a free, on-line course through Protect My Ministry (our background check company). To take the course, please e-mail the request to the diocesan office (chancery@dowoca.org). The administrator will send you an e-mail giving you access to the training module.

DOW Clergy Background Information Form

DOW Clergy Background Information Form: This form, to be completed by newly ordained, or new to the diocese, presbyters and deacons, to be included in their Personnel file at the diocesan chancery.